Alton Greenhouse Features

Toughened Glass

The 3mm Toughened safety glass that is supplied as standard with these models is in large panes which means that every pane is helping the rigidity of the overall structure. Toughened glass is 5-7 times stronger than standard horticultural glass and if you are unfortunate enough to break a pane, then it will disintegrate into hundreds of small pieces (like the side window of a car) - greatly reducing the chances of injury.

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Here's how clever design reduces maintenance by keeping water away from traditionally vulnerable areas on a greenhouse.

Glass overhang on roof - This simple design means that no wood is exposed to the roof water run-off.

Glass overlaps wood at the base - By sitting the glass onto the metal base, again no wood is exposed to the run-off water from the side of the greenhouse.

Guttering system - Protects the sides by removing roof water.

Metal base - The specially designed metal base keeps the Cedar framework off the ground where conditions are damp. Unlike some other Cedar greenhouses, where it can cost hundreds of pounds to add a base, the metal base on Alton Evolution greenhouses is included on every model.

Capping system - If you wish to dramatically reduce the amount of Cedar that is exposed to the elements you can also upgrade to the aluminium bar capping system.

Thick glazing timbar bars ...

It's surprising how some greenhouses both aluminium or Cedar have become increasingly thinner to save on cost. Alton Evolution greenhouses models use thick glazing bars, based on 44x44mm timbers (44x69mm in places). To remain cost effective during the design stage we studied the whole process. Starting with the raw material and delivery we discovered a large part of the cost of the greenhouse was coming from double handling, storage and distribution costs (in large, inefficient fully glazed panels).

By delivering the Alton Evolution models in a flat packaged format massive efficiencies are made, which means that you get more for your money.

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cedar bar capping

Bar capping system*

Common wooden greenhouses have glass held by a beading or a groove. The result of this can be that the glass 'rattles' in the frame.

The Alton Evolution's newly developed bar capping system uses the toughened glass as an integral part of the overall strength of the greenhouse by gripping it tightly. When you feel the greenhouse, there is little or no movement in it and you can see that it is far stronger and solid.

*This is a feature of the Evolution range of greenhouses only

Do I need to paint or treat my greenhouse?

Your Alton Evolution is made from 100% Western Red Cedar. This kind of Cedar is absolutely perfect for greenhouses as, although it readily absorbs moisture - even to the point of looking soaking wet, it also readily gives it up and dries quickly - yet never warps or moves - this makes it ideal for the conditions in a greenhouse. Add to this the fact that it is soaked full of naturally occurring preservative oils which make it virtually immune to rot. What's more, the pungent aroma that we find so pleasant is also a deterrent to may insects and pests.

Your Alton Evolution greenhouse will be supplied in completely natural cedar which will be factory treated in a clear wood preservative. There is no need for us to ruin this natural look, which highlights the broad variation of colours in the different pieces of the Cedar, by treating it with any artificial colour. The greenhouse will last a very long time - (customers often tell us about their 30 year old Alton greenhouse at shows) you don't need to retreat it for it to last - it will simply mellow in time to a silvery grey colour, which the Moss colour of the metal parts complements perfectly.

Of course if you wish to stain your greenhouse a certain colour, or if you wish to prevent the natural ageing effect that occurs in the first year or two as water soaks in and out of the Cedar wood - lifting the darker natural oils to the surface of the Cedar - then you can of course apply a coloured wood preservative if you wish - the fact that it is in a convenient flat pack format means that this is easy for you to do before you assemble it or before your fitter comes.

The treatment that we use to factory treat your Alton Evolution greenhouse is Barrettine Clear wood preservative, whilst not necessary from a rot prevention point of view, this does help the wood to age evenly to the attractive silvery colour which is distinctive to Cedar and reduces the prevalence of stains that can develop from the water soaking in and out of untreated wood.

The only maintenance that we really recommend is that you clean your greenhouse every year, and you'll no doubt do this anyway - to keep your glass nice and clean. Cleaning any dirt or even algae off once a year in Jan/Feb time will help your greenhouse last years and get you ready for the growing season.

Your greenhouse frame is guaranteed for 10 years against rot - you never have to treat the greenhouse for this - just leave it as it is and clean it once a year.

Other features


Mortice and tenon joints

The Cleverly designed jointing system on the Evolution has the duel benefit of making assembly straight forward and adding strength to the framework.

Aluminium Base

This keeps the wood well away from the base where water can sit. Plus this unique design feature allows the glass to sit directly onto the metal base - which means that the side water is not running onto the wood, (which is a 'rot-spot' on other greenhouses) The Metal base is included on every Evolution model, regardless of which kind of capping you choose.


Guttering takes the water away and allows you to collect it. Included on every model regardless of which kind of capping you choose.

Roof Vents

A generous allocation of roof vents is included with every model and every roof vent has an automatic opener included as standard. These clever devices work through heat expansion alone to open your roof vents gradually as the temperature changes. Fully adjustable, they help you to create the perfect growing environment.


Your new Alton Evolution model will also include one or more louvre windows. These work in tandem with your roof vents - as the automatic roof vents open and release the warm air, the greenhouse effectively sucks air in through the louvres. These can be positioned near the bottom or the top and on most models at the side of the greenhouse or at the rear. Supplied as manual opening as standard and you can add automatic louvre openers if you wish.

Door System

The unique Alton Evolution door system includes the low-profile door threshold. This popular feature means that you have no step at the door (many other greenhouses have a step at the door). Models of 8' wide and above have 4' wide access double doors which allow easy entrance for a wheelbarrow or wheelchair

Victorian Ridge Cresting

Optional Victorian ridge cresting (Victorian models only)

Eaves Height

The eaves height of 5'7" on the Alton Evolution models is excellent and is as much as 18" higher than the lowest greenhouses on the market. The extra height gives you several advantages. There is more air in the greenhouse creating a better growing environment, you have more head room and a higher door, and you have plenty of room for a high level shelf in the greenhouse.

Extendable Length

Extend to any length If you are looking for a serious greenhouse then our EIGHT, TEN and TWELVE models should suit - they're extendable to any length, so you can easily specify a 10x30 or any size that you wish (in 2' increments.

Aluminium Bar Capping Upgrade

With this new Aluminium bar capping system you really can have a virtually maintenance free Cedar greenhouse - and the stylish moss colour blends in perfectly with the cedar as it ages to the distinctive silvery colour.

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