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Alton Greenhouses – the finest cedar greenhouses

Alton Greenhouses – the finest cedar greenhouses

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New evolution greenhouse

The photo above shows the Alton Evolution 12ft x 14ft. Click here for more information.


Alton Heritage greenhouses

Alton Heritage greenhouses include MORE as standard

Alton Amateur 8ft x 10ft greenhouseConcrete base kerbs

Only Alton greenhouses have the unique Concrete kerb system. This provides you with the advantage of easy installation, a very strong and firm foundation, The wood is kept not only off the floor but, is in fact, a full 5" off the floor - this helps prevent rot which can be caused by build up of leaves or soil near to the bottom of the greenhouse. There is also no step at the door - allowing easy access for wheelbrrow (and you!)

Guttering included

When comparing an Alton greenhouse to other makes, remember your guttering! most Alton greenhouses INCLUDE a full set of guttering and downpipes for both sides. Other makes of greenhouse charge as much as £200-£400 for a set of guttering!

Unique 'Vent-access'

Only Alton Amateur and Traditional model greenhouses include our unique 'Vent-access' sliding side vents. These are fantastic for ventilation as they provide it right at the bottom of the greenhouse (exactly where you need cool, fresh air to come in) We provide these in generous numbers (for example and 8x10 model has four included) What's more, you can slide these open from the outside - a useful feature when crops of tomatoes or greenhouse benching are in the way. Other greenhouse manufacturers don't tend to offer vent access (they are quite difficult to make) but instead offer louvres as extras - these can cost as much as £140 - so to produce the same level of ventilation as the four Vent-access (which come included on an 8x10 Alton) you could spend as much as £560 on four louvres!

Designed with gardeners in mind since 1921, all Alton greenhouses come with free concreate base kerbs, free side ventilation, and gutters with downpipes. Alton greenhouses continue to produce the best results for growers. Our retail display sites can explain all about our latest offers and when you visit one of our displays you can see for yourself why Alton greenhouses out-perform other greenhouses!

Built to last, Alton’s maintenance-free cedar greenhouses now include a host of additional features that gardeners have told us they would like to see to improve their growing experience.


Alton Evolution Victorian Greenhouses

Alton 6ft x 8ft Alton greenhouse in Cedar

With their elegant tall windows and steep 45° pitched roofs, the Alton Victorian collection of timber greenhouses recalls a time when this country fell in love with gardening under glass. With uncompromising attention to detail and using the finest materials, our Victorian greenhouses are both beautiful and functional. The Alton Victorian is the orginal cedar Victorian greenhouse, the finest money can buy.

Alton Evolution Victorian greenhouses look fantastic in any garden and are available in glass to ground, dwarf wall and partly boarded options in a host of sizes. For full details of our alton range click here to request a brochure, or click here to visit your local Agent.


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